Consultancy in European Affairs.

Accessing the European Funds, monitoring the EU regulatory challenges and raising interest in front of decision-makers at European level.
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Egemone Consulting accompanies local authorities and private organisations to understand and comply with European regulations, master the European legislative process and get involved in European affairs to obtain European funding, build long-term partnerships and public decision-makers their interests.



Local authorities and private bodies such as professional organisations and enterprises must have the opportunity to make their voices heard and thus fully realize their growth potential by mobilising all available resources to take advantage of the development opportunities created by the European Union and its partners.



In the exercise of its activities, Egemone Consulting is committed to the values of ethics, confidentiality, competence and responsibility, which constitute a true Codex guiding our relations with our clients and our institutional interlocutors.


Ethics is a must for a coherent and clear representation of interests, without any conflicts of interest. Egemone Consulting complies with the European regulations governing the activity and it is registered in the Common Transparency Register of the European Commission and the European Parliament.


Egemone Consulting is fully committed to the protection of personal data and business secret, ensured by the respect of a strong requirement of confidentiality.


Egemone Consulting provides services with a high added value coupled with a long-term strategic vision in order to accompany its clients on obtaining all the expected results out of each project. Egemone Consulting is guided by the duty of competence throughout the collaboration.


Finding realistic and viable opportunities for your needs, tailored to your context and environment is a key pillar of our collaborations. Egemone Consulting takes a responsible approach to making your project a successful one.