Consultancy in European Affairs.

Getting involved in European fundings, monitoring regulatory challenges and raising interests in front of decision-makers at European level.
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The development of a legal and/or communication strategy, the drafting of a project to be presented at European level or the intervention in the European law-making process can only be efficient after a deep information phase.

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Thanks to Egemone Consulting’s expertise in European affairs, every client is efficiently accompanied in the definition and creation of the best strategy that takes into consideration the needs and the specific local or national context.

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By its deep knowledge of the Brussels labyrinth, Egemone Consulting assists its clients to address European law-makers according to their needs and interests, having an ethical conduct.

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Egemone Consulting is a European affairs specialized consultancy. Its clients are companies, law firms and public administrations from South West of France. Egemone Consulting aims to help local public and private stakeholders to understand the European law-making process. Its knowledge enables them to getting involved in European fundings, building partnerships and raising their concerns and interests in front of decision-makers at European level.

In the exercise of its activities, Egemone Consulting is committed to values of ethics, competence and responsibility. Ethical behaviour is necessary for a coherent and unsuspicious representation of interests and in particular conflicts of interest. Therefore, Egemone Consulting complies with the European regulations governing the activity of interest representatives. Furthermore, Egemone Consulting is fully committed to the protection of personal data and business secrecy by meeting high confidentiality requirements.

Who is Egemone Consulting ?

sebEgemone Consulting was founded by Sébastien Blanchard, graduated from the University of Rennes I with a master degree in European Union law and WTO law.

After seven years working in the “Brussels bubble” (European Parliament, French Bar Association, CEC European Managers etc.), the decision to settle in Bordeaux was taken with the aim of providing local actors in the South West expertise in European Union law and in the interest representation mechanisms.


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