Consultancy in European Affairs.

Accessing the European Funds, monitoring the EU regulatory challenges and raising interest in front of decision-makers at European level.
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Information, Consultancy, Representation

Egemone Consulting’s 3 main lines of action to empower public and private stakeholders in their projects in European affairs, with professionalism, flexibility and availability.



The development of a legal and/or communication strategy, the drafting of a project to be presented at European level or the intervention in the European law-making process can only be efficient after a deep information phase. This stage is crucial to enable the client to understand the legal, economic or political issues which impact on a legislative proposal or a European call for proposals.



A tailored-made and premium quality approach by professionals is essential to make the right choice. The EU legislation is a direct source of national law. Hence, reliable consulting plays a fundamental role for clients in using the EU law in a legal case or in adapting their economical/legal model to a specific regulatory development.



Expressing interests at European level can follow many different paths and ways. By its deep knowledge of the Brussels labyrinth, Egemone Consulting assists ethically its clients to decode the environment and address European law-makers according to their needs and interests.


Documentary Research and Monitoring

The National and European issues are more and more interlinked. Therefore, Egemone Consulting proposes a documentary research service which allows companies, economic sectors and consultancies to gather qualitative information on a specific EU law topic.
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Assistance for EU Funding Programmes

EU funding is available in a broad range of areas such as regional & urban development, agriculture & rural development as well as research & innovation.

Egemone Consulting assists its clients in identifying funding opportunities and answering calls for funding proposals of European projects and programmes (Regional Funds, H2020, LIFE Programme, Justice).

Egemone Consulting collaborates with its Brussels network of EU Funding specialised partners in order to accompany its clients in the most efficient way in the procedures involving high amounts of European funding (R&D, Sciences and Technologies, Infrastructure…).

Furthermore, with our partners, we help you creating long-term funding opportunities. We intervene in the drafting stages relevant to allocations of funds, when decision-makers look to define strategic orientations and objectives for the future.

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Legal Counselling

Egemone Consulting proposes occasionally a service of legal counselling in European Union Law and, particularly, in Competition Law and Internal Market Regulation.

This service is mainly addressed to law firms and in-house company lawyers within their EU Law cases.

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European Public Affairs

Egemone Consulting puts its European public affairs expertise at its clients’ service to efficiently accompany them in the creation of lobbying strategies that take best into consideration their specific needs and that follow the specific local or national context.
The European Public Affairs counselling service focuses on delivering a strategic positioning for the clients through 3 different actions:

  • Anticipation of legislative developments
  • Mapping of stakeholders
  • Intervention on key moments

The tailor-made methodology and strategy being proposed are drawn up in an Action Plan upon assessment of the clients’ needs, challenges and particularities.
Egemone Consulting proposes a wide range of actions:

  • Drafting of responses to the European Commission’s consultations
  • Drafting of legislative amendments, communication papers
  • Setting up meetings with the key stakeholders in the law-making process etc..

Alliances between different actors sharing the same objectives and interests can be created in order to maximise outcomes, to build stronger influences and to obtain a maximum leverage effect.

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Egemone Consulting proposes training sessions for companies, consultancies or umbrella organisations representing economic sectors. These sessions may deal with general topics:

  • Management of an efficient monitoring on European developments
  • Knowledge of the European institutional landscape
  • Knowledge of European public policies
  • Introduction to EU lobbying

Training sessions may also deal with a specific topic or policy, depending of the needs and interests expressed.

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