Consultancy in European Affairs.

Accessing the European Funds, monitoring the EU regulatory challenges and raising interest in front of decision-makers at European level.
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Through its network of strategic partnerships, Egemone Consulting provides to its clients a cross-sectoral legal and public affairs expertise.

Egemone Consulting offers complementary services of high added value in public relations, management of associations and crisis communication procedure.

These long-term partnerships are based on mutual trust, commitment to excellence and pooling of the best skills and resources available.


T&P Consulting

T-P ConsultingT&P Consulting is a Brussels-based consultancy providing access to political and legislative decision-making at national, EU and international level.

T&P Consulting offers a full-spectrum association management service and materialises EU funding and project management opportunities.

T&P Consulting combines sectoral expertise and tacit knowledge of public affairs, public relations, management and legal professionals based across Europe.


hopeHOPE AVOCATS is a Bordeaux-based law firm offering Public Law and International and European Law services.

HOPE AVOCATS accompanies public administration, as well as private enterprises and individuals, with a full range of counselling and litigation proceedings services.

HOPE AVOCATS is a dynamic human-size company built on three pillars - innovation, interaction and intuition - and ready to efficiently deal with their clients highest demands.

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